Please consider carrying out one or more of the following actions, which will help bring about the goals of this campaign.

Please publicize this campaign to your friends on Facebook and Twitter and other social networks. On Twitter, use the hashtags #ArrestObama and #May22. On Facebook, try to engage your friends in discussions of the issue. Many Irish people remain unaware of Obama’s spectacular failure to fulfill his early promise. This forms a standing prejudice that is often difficult to overcome. Do some reading yourself and make reference to reliable sources in the media to substantiate your arguments, and appeal to Irish people’s natural abhorrence to torture, and Ireland’s strong tradition of opposing oppression.

Sign the Petition
The #ArrestObama #May22 campaign will be contacting persons of influence in and outside of Irish officialdom, to urge action on this issue within the houses of the Oireachtas and to urge consideration by the government. Please sign your name as a comment on our petition, which will then supplement any requests that are made to Irish officials, to show the support for the general principles of this campaign, found on this site.

Letter Writing
Please write as many letters as you have time for.

  • Write to your local TDs and engage them. Explain your concerns clearly, and ask them questions about whether they are aware of Ireland’s obligations under international law, and whether they condone torture, and whether they would be willing to ask a parliamentary question, and address the government over this issue.
  • Handpick opposition and government party TDs and senators who are likely to have a special interest in this matter, such as spokespeople for particular ministerial dossiers. Asking them in writing to support the cause, and to make public statements on their political platforms, and to raise the issue in whatever ways they can.
  • Write to members of the government and ask them whether they are happy with the situation as it stands. Ask them to put in writing their condemnation of Obama’s record of torture, or to face the political consequences of tacitly condoning it. If they condemn his actions, ask them to act on their convictions.
  • Write to the letters pages of the national newspapers like the Irish Times, and represent the matter to the public at large. There is no need to overstate the case, the facts as they are being stark enough.

A “useful email addresses” page will be posted here soon, to aid people in their letter writing.